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It's my first game made in 7 days.

Control the light to avoid the shadow.

The 1.0 version is more perfect, containing 3 new levels.

Be able to save game, do some settings. Added star mode. Supported for both English and Chinese.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
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Light Fish 1.0 Mac.app.zip 48 MB
Light Fish 1.0.zip 50 MB


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The new version has been hidden and it won't be recovered until the Brackeys Game Jam is over.

You mean the mac version?


When does it end?

3 days 18 hours later from this moment.

This game is awesome. i really love everything in it , the sound , the grafics and the mechanics . I would love a bigger/full version of it, because the game has a lot of potential. Please continue developing it ! Also, this game needs a soundtrack ;)

By the way : Who made the sounds ? They are awesome !

Thank you! The sound is from the Internet. And I choose them very carefully.

The texture is from Intrenet, too. The idea is from a friend of mine and me.  And I am the programmer, animator and also the 3d modeler. The engine is Unity.

As for the soundtrack, I will consider it but may need someone to help me.

Well, i could help you ;)

Can you tell me more?

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Sure i can ! But not here ;) We are still in the comments. Maybe on Discord ?

https://discord.gg/eYkUXJ Have a try.

Can you make a mac version of this?

I don't have mac and cannot test if it could run or not. I will build one but I don't make sure that it runs well.

I will upload it later, but now there are some bugs to fix.

I can help test it. I've tested games in the past.

Deleted 4 years ago

Available for MAC now

Such great a creative game!


I joined the Brackeys Game Jam and made my first game with Unity.

The idea comes from a good friend of mine and myself, also the title that Brackeys provided.

In this game, you will control a fish which can only swim in the light, and control the light to make its way.

Enjoy the game!

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This is a great concept and a fun game! And it's beautiful too! The controls are a bit finicky, and I think there is maybe a slightly better way of presenting the mechanics without having the fish die immediately at the start. It takes a while to get the hang of it.